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The FUT Millionaire is gaining traction and popularity among FIFA gamers due to its efficiency in trading and making coins. More and more players are discovering the functionality of the system. Proof of this is the FUT Millionaire review FIFA 19is garnering over the months. But what it is exactly and what are its features are yet to be discussed for beginners.

Most reviews nowadays tend to feature the best side of a product. It’s a good thing, though, helping you out to see what works in the system. But we also need some honest, and brutal reviews that will lay all the cards and give us the truth of its functionality. This is exactly what this post is about. I’ll give you honest points that will help you decide if the FUT Millionaire is the best option as an automated trading bot.

Who made it?

The FUT Millionaire is created by Mike Miranda, a professional who works at investment consulting and a trader himself. He’s a pro gamer and had been winning head to head matches ever since FIFA 2003. He already won the First Division many times before he took a serious approach to trading and gaming.

The FUT Millionaire is built on the concept of always wanting to win. Mike Miranda has admitted that he’s addicted to FUT but also said that it can be hard in the beginning. He wants to get Ronaldo who was at a very low 700,000 coins at the time. Mike only had 5,000 coins and can barely avail a decent player to compose his FIFA Ultimate Team. He knows he has to do something to gain more coins. Thus, the birth of FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 has been clamoring for.

FUT millionaire review FIFA 19

Mike dropped the idea of trying out and winning thousands of matches and investing in hundreds of packs manually. He created a method and a system to do this automatically without violating the game’s rules. He knows that a player needs more coins than gold players to win a match to make more money. His discovery? Better chemistry styles, more coins.

What is it?

FUT Millionaire is a trading bot that works on autopilot. You can run it even if you’re going away for school or work. You can even play FIFA and earn coins on the side aside from your match earnings.

FUT Millionaire is well-known for its auto-buyer and other features that you’ll know later on. This system takes over your manual trading and does the bidding and listing just as how a human does it. It’s devised to bid low and sell high but in a reasonable and competitive rate.

The million-coin question is this: is the FUT Millionaire legal? Of course, it is. You can tell by the FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 is gaining. It doesn’t use any illegal software that makes and scrapes coins out of nowhere and then jeopardizes your account. With this, the accounts ran in FUT Millionaire aren’t prone to bans and sanctions. You’re safe and you can switch from automated to manual trading whenever you want.

There are many trading bots out there aside from the FUT Millionaire but not all of them are diamonds. These bots aren’t made equal and it’s appalling to know that some resort to shady techniques just to make more coins and win the interest of the players.

How is it compared to other bots?

Like what I said earlier, the FUT Millionaire isn’t the only trading bot for FIFA 19 available in the market. If we’re going to assess it, the FUT Millionaire is faring well but with some reservations. To make it easy to compare, here are some points about trading bots:


The FUT Millionaire isn’t the cheapest but not the most expensive. Look for FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 is discussing and you’ll see. It’s in between the cheapest find called Ultimate Trading Robot (UTR) and the likes of FutBotManager and FutMateBot. FUT Millionaire costs around $23 a month while UTR is the cheapest at approximately $19 a month. Still, not a big difference compared to the more expensive options.


One of the advantages of the FUT Millionaire is its unlimited run time. You can have it working 24/7 with minimal glitches. This is a big edge over the FutBotManager that you can only run for a maximum of 12-16 hours, otherwise, you’ll have a temporary ban in FIFA. Given that the FutBotManager is way expensive, this is a big leap for the FUT Millionaire.

Coins earned

The FUT Millionaire can earn approximately 100,000 coins once you follow its manual trading methods. You can also let the system do the trading for you. The FUT Millionaire also gives away one million coins every month to the lucky traders. One thing that is always in FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 discussions.

Customer support

All trading bots give each other a run for their money when it comes to customer support. Everyone claims to be available 24/7 in the fastest way possible. This is because trading happens fast and users have to get answers before they lost a substantial amount of coins or money. FUT Millionaire, for one, is the most successful on this part.

Accounts to be used

FUT Millionaire allows multiple up to unlimited accounts as long as it doesn’t encounter glitches. This increases your chance of earning money and running tools at the same time. This feature is also present in other trading bots but some only offer a specific number of accounts that you can run.

FUT millionaire review FIFA 19

What are the key features?

Features are the most important parts of trading bots. It’s the defining quality that will win users favor and patronization. If you’re thinking of using this system, here are some features with a few comparisons to other trading bots based on FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 threads:

Auto buyer and auto bidder

These features of the FUT Millionaire is the most popular. You can set the price ranges of your trades so you can earn more coins possible. It will also search for the best players in the market where you can make income from.

When it comes to the auto bidder, the functionality is also exceptional. You’ll get players by bidding in the lowest price possible so you will have a higher profit margin.

Updated Trading List

This part is crucial to help you in the when and what to buy process. The private trading list consists of the best players and items that work in the market. Most trading bots will have the same feature so it’s safe to say that this FUT Millionaire tool isn’t really unique for its type. Anyway, a good addition as a staple for trading.

Built-In Price AutoUpdater

What matters most among traders (based on FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 discussions) is they get the latest price before placing a trade. This is why the FUT Millionaire’s built-in price auto updater is a useful tool. Again, it’s not unique in FUT Millionaire alone since the likes of FutBotManager has this. But the advantage here is that not all have the same lighting speed updating. FutMateBot uses cached price list which may not be real-time at all.

The best pros

There’s a reason why the FUT Millionaire is one of the most popular trading bots for the FIFA 19. It has amazing features that make trading an easier task. Here are some for your perusing:

-The first thing that I love about the FUT Millionaire is it allows you to learn the trading techniques and not just automate everything and leave you blindsided. It even has a guidebook that you can purchase separately.

-Even newbie and average players can use this with ease. Mike Miranda is a pro player but he also acknowledges the fact that there are new players struggling to make more coins and avail players.

-The trading strategies are spoon-fed so you can trade easily. Trust me on this FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 edition. The tools are also intuitive to use.

-By using the FUT Millionaire system, you no longer have to spend cold cash and purchase packs just to have a leverage on the trading industry.

-Faster income and coin turnout per day compared to manual trading you’re doing before.

FUT millionaire review FIFA 18

The honest cons

After knowing the positive side of the FUT Millionaire, it’s just right that we also take a look on the “ugly truths” of this system. As what I have told you earlier, no system is perfect. You have to know the negative sides to make an informed purchasing decision. So before you hit that download button, read these few downsides:

-It has coins giveaways which I think violates the EA Sports rules. These free coins are alluring for newbie traders, but once you read the EA Sports rules, you’ll realize that this is rather disconcerting. I also saw this on FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 discussions. EA Sports states that getting your coins through a third-party breaks its rules. Unless FUT Millionaire give these coins via matches or better trade, it’s still worth mentioning of the possible violation here.

-Although the trading is automated, it doesn’t mean that you can sit back and enjoy. You have to do lots of reading to make the system work for you. This is the reason why the FUT Millionaire comes with hefty resources.

-You still have to dedicate at least two hours of trading per day. This is so you can monitor what the system does and you still keep abreast with the latest trend in trading.

-You can’t use the auto buyer and auto bidder at once in the same account. If you want to make both work simultaneously, you have to run multiple FIFA accounts.

Is it for the money?

For just $22.90 a month, I can say that this is pretty affordable for a very functional trading bot. You have most of the staple tools to make trading faster and more income-worthy according to FUT millionaire review FIFA 19. For some, the price tag could be a little hefty, but try getting the FutBotManager premium account and you’ll see how a winner the FUT Millionaire is.

Considering the features, the price is reasonable and totally for the money. Newbies and pro traders would find this useful just the same. However, it might need some time to master it and earn the 100,000 coin per day maximum gains.

If you’re paranoid about your money going to waste, it will help to know that the FUT Millionaire offers a 60-day guarantee where you’ll have your money back if you don’t find the system to be working. A very low-risk and no-strings-attached start for traders. You are also entitled to cancel your subscription anytime you wish to do so.

FUT millionaire review FIFA 19 

Overall, the FUT Millionaire is an excellent tool to help traders gain more coins for gaming uses. This system also automates some of the time-consuming tasks you perform manually before. It comes with a reasonable price that is affordable considering the features that you’re going to enjoy. There are also learning resources that you can access anytime.

As much as it sounds like a perfect trading bot, the FUT Millionaire has its limitations and some cons. You can’t run some tools at the same time plus you still have to perform at least two hours of trading a day to achieve the 100k coin gains. But this shouldn’t stop you from trying the system. Its positive sides outshine the negative. Current traders who use FUT Millionaire will know and you can also try it for yourself to see how much coins you can make.

Unlike other bots, you can run the FUT Millionaire continuously. You can let it do its job while you work or go to school without the worry of glitches. Just weigh the points above before you avail the system so you’ll know what to expect.

fut millionaire 19