Foolproof Tips To Get The Best Players Using the FUT Millionaire

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Dreaming of getting Ronaldo, Messi, or the underrated ‘Wonderkids’ of FIFA 18? For some who barely have a thousand coins on his stash, this might seem impossible to do. Do you have to win hundreds of matches and open countless packs? No, you can use trading bots to help you with your manual trading. But before that, you should know how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire to make your subscription worthy of every penny.

For some, the likes of Ronaldo are old news. There are more underpriced players that you can find without the need to spend millions of coins. In fact, the chemistry styles of the players in your FUT is the deciding factor. You have one or two golden players but they can play like retards if placed in a pool of players with whom he has low chemistry relations with.

I know that as a newbie, it’s a little difficult to have the “feel” of the players you plan to purchase and sell afterward. This is the reason why you should FUT Millionaire. Here are some tips straight from my trading arsenal:

1. Look for the Wonderkids

Wonderkids are those young and unpopular players in FIFA that have high potential. They could be played and kept for a long time until you build their chemistry and player attributes. Once the player has a good standing, you can sell it and gain coins from the trade. The coins you accumulated can be used to buy high potential players you can use for your matches or for selling after some time.

Some of these players are Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain, Ousmane Dembele of FC Barcelona, and Gabriel Jesus of Machester City. Although young, their potential can be as high as 94 and with a high growth percentage.

One more advantage of having the Wonderkids is their low price. Upon acquiring them, you can do the work of increasing their chemistry for them to sell at a relatively higher price in the future. That’s how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire.

2. Focus on chemistry styles

Chemistry styles don’t just make players expensive, it also makes them better. Don’t just trade players you like. Even if they have great standing, these players can still play awfully if combined with other players that don’t have the right chemistry style. Also, some players who have poor chemistry can’t enter some events. This is a bad shot for you if you plan to use them for matches or if you want to sell them in the future.

Always think about chemistry styles first. You can buy players with low chemistry styles and improve them along the way. It can take time, but it will solve your problem if ever you wrongfully purchased a low chemistry player. You can always match low chemistry players with other picks to make them work as a team.

how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire


3. Beware of the contract games

Players aren’t yours forever. Once you bought them, there would only be a minimal time that they can play for you. Once the contract expires, you have to get rid of them and make more coins. You can extend them for sure but not for loan players. You have to sell them as a way on how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire.

In case you have a valuable loan player, don’t exhaust their contracts if you don’t need to. Take them out whenever they are needed or if you think you can win the game with their addition.

Be careful about choosing the players whom you play with every game to avoid contract drain. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

4. Start with a bronze team

Many players assume that the goal is to make a golden team to make more coins and buy more players. Nope. A golden team can play like hell and be beaten by a bronze team with the right chemistry style and position combination. If you’re a newbie in making a FUT, start with a bronze team.

This is a matter of preference and skills. If you want to have a low-risk match, you can choose underpriced players and have them play with the picks that blend with their chemistry. You stand the chance of beating more teams if you do this. The result is more coins to buy your dream players. Not just the famous ones but the best players that can win you more matches.

A silver team is also a good option. Open either a bronze or silver pack and see how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire.

5. Scout for the stats

This is somewhat related to the chemistry styles and player attribute. Before you purchase a player, make sure that you research about their stats and that it will give you value in the matches to come. Don’t settle for the most popular if they don’t blend well in the team you’re drafting.

Another thing is the position you intend to get. Do you want a Sniper as a center forward? A finisher style as your striker? Look at these details before you buy. Don’t settle for the most affordable or ones that many gamers are clamoring for. FIFA is a game of strategy and you start that by the huge step of choosing the right players for your team.

For each player, take the time to look at their maximum attributes and see if it answers your need. You shouldn’t get a player with a high dribbling attribute if you want one that excels in balance. Anyway, it’s to die for if you find one that can do both with the same dexterity.

6. Stock more coins

The basic answer to how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire is to stock more coins. Trade using the FUT Millionaire and keep the coins until you achieve millions enough to buy the players you need. So how can you do this? You have to learn how the FUT Millionaire works.

It’s basically an auto buyer and auto bidder that will automatically work while you’re away. You just have to set some settings and the system will buy and bid players for you. It sounds simple, which is really what it is, but you should dedicate two hours of manual trading to make more each day.

The FUT Millionaire promises to make 100,000 coins a day. But that is if you follow the method Mike Miranda discussed on the separate book. Those are golden techniques from an actual trader and pro gamer who’s been addicted to FIFA since 2003.

how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire

7. Set your price filters right for the market

One key tool in the FUT Millionaire tool is setting the price filters. If you have a goal to achieve millions of coins in x months, you have to utilize it and make it work to your advantage. Set the Buy-It-Now filter to the setting that will allow it to search for underpriced players with very high potential. Bid right away just before someone else does. This is how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire. It will guarantee that you’ll get the items at the lowest price possible that will earn a higher profit margin.

You can perform a manual search but if you want to be first on the best deals, use the FUT Millionaire system. It has a price auto-updater that changes real-time. It also comes with a private trading list where you will find the players that you can purchase. The system will advise you when is the best time to buy and what are the best deals you should invest in.

8. You have to play the game

Trading in FIFA 18 isn’t just about hanging out in the Transfer Market, using trading bots, and make more coins. You have to play the game while this happens. This is so you will have another income faucet and you earn more in the same timeframe.

You can win matches, complete SBCs and tasks, and even if you lose, you can still rake some coins given to credit your performance. There are other matches that you can start to make more coins.

Aside from this, playing the game is necessary so you can be familiar with the players, with whom they have the best chemistry, and what leagues can be the best target for players. You should also watch out for the TOTW so you can invest in in-form cards that become more and more valuable as the supply decreases in the market.

9. Buy and sell good players

Good players aren’t made to last. Make sure that you buy and sell them as long as they are attractive to the market. Good players can be the best but if you have a target, you can get rid of some of your golden players to earn more money. This is how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire in a short span of time.

It might look like a stupid thing to let go of precious players once they are in your possession. But trust me, my friend, you shouldn’t be afraid to get rid of some of your darlings. This will pay off in the future. Besides, if you have read the previous points I discussed about chemistry, you would know by now that famous players aren’t always the best picks.

Sell the good players so you can buy the best player you can afford. Repeat the process so you can make more coins and get the players you like.

10. Exhaust players then sell them

Once you have a decent pool of players, put them in a team and play it. Play until the players become slow and tired then sell them right away. This will make you coins aside from the fact that you already squeezed the benefit from each one. Don’t worry, this isn’t cheating because you’re just strategizing your plays. Soon enough, the players will recover and they can be in top shape again.

Before you do this, remember that the contract of each player is limited. Don’t play them to the limits if you don’t intend to get rid of them. There might be a bigger match where you’ll need a player so you can win and earn more coins as a way on how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire.

This is a weird tip but it’s up to you to practice this. You need the time to play the game and if you can’t spare a few hours, this tip may not be for you.

how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire

11. Open FIFA packs

The FUT Millionaire discourages the opening of many packs. But if you have one, open and see what you can sell at a higher price. This method is for those that need to make coins as fast as possible. Your pack might have excellent players that you can use for matches or trade in a higher value. One way on how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire.

Opening FIFA packs is a gamble especially if you don’t have much. Just be wise in trading and using them on your matches. You can sell cards and players at a higher price once the value is on your side.

12. Buy and sell familiar players

The reason for this is that when you’re familiar with a player, you know how much it costs and how profitable it can be. Unfamiliar players that came from equally unfamiliar leagues are a bit dangerous to deal with if you’re a newbie. Anyway, you can always refer to the suggestion of the FUT Millionaire system about a certain player.

You’re free to explore new options but avoid panic buying and selling players. You might miss better ones with a substantially low price.

Knowing how to get the best players using the FUT millionaire is an intricate task at first. But it only takes experience to know better. Do you agree?

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