Best FIFA 19 Formations that you should give a try!

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Hello, gamers! In today’s post, we will be discussing some of the best FIFA 19 formations that you should try. Which player formation is the best in FIFA 19? This question arises in every player’s mind. So, today we are going to answer this question in our post. So, let’s get started without any further delays.

How to choose a FIFA 19 Formation?

There are certain factors that you should keep in mind while setting your team’s formation. Let’s have a look at those factors.

Your Play Style

The formation you want to choose highly depends on your playing style. You can create a formation that supports your play style. Before creating a formation ask yourself these questions: Is my play style offensive or defensive? Do I use the wings to attack? Do I often play in counter-attack? Questions like this can help you decide your team’s formation.


Best FIFA 19 Formations

Which formation are you most familiar with? Do you have any past experiences of playing in that formation? Which formation are you most comfortable with? Factors like this can really change the way you are going to perform on the ground. So, don’t forget to ask these questions before choosing a formation.


Choose your formation according to your players. You have to think about the position in which your players fit. Think about how you can use your player’s skills fully in a formation.


Think about the goals you have set for your FUT 19 club. Are you aiming to win all the matches even if it meant taking risks or are you okay with losing a few matches?

After considering all these factors you can finally set up a formation for your team. Before moving forward, let me tell you one thing. No single formation is the best formation. There are pros and cons of every formation and you have to deal with it. Choose the formation whose pros are beneficial to you according to your playing style and other factors mentioned above. Okay, so it’s time to look at some of the best FIFA 19 formations.

Top 5 most common formations

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  1. 41212 (2): It is a variation of the 41212 formation. You get better mid control with this formation. It is much tighter than the usual 41212 formation.
  2. 433: The 433 formation gives you more attacking options (can include upto 7 players). It is also adapted by Guardiola.
  3. 4231: It is good for offensive purposes and also provides the safety of 4 central defensive midfielders.
  4. 4321: Forces full-backs to bomb forward. A great formation when it comes to attacking. One of my favorite ones.
  5. 41212: In 41212, CAM is the key element. It is a diamond shape formation and one of the most popular ones.

Top 5 attacking formations

  1. 3412: This formation is not that popular but still it deserves a position in our list of best FIFA 19 formations. 3412 formation is a variation of the 352 formation. In this formation the wing players are more withdrawn to help the central midfielder. It helps the mid-fielder to move upfield to the playmaker’s position.
  2. 3421: This is too one of the not-so-popular formations. It’s quite similar to 3412 with a little change in the position of the forward players.
  3. 343: It’s similar to the 3421 with a change in the position of the forward players.
  4. 3142: This formation is quite similar to the 352 formation. Here a defender helps the midfielder in attacking and defending.
  5. 433 (4): One of the midfielders help the three players at the front in attack.

Best 5 Defending Formations

  1. 5221: Rock solid wall of 5 defenders at the back and the forward player supported by the left and right forwards.
  2. 541: One of my favorite defending formations. A good overall structure.
  3. 5212: A variation of 5221 formation with two ST and a CAM option.
  4. 532: A formation that can change from defensive to offensive in seconds. Solid 5 defender structure. A balanced formation overall.
  5. 433 (3): A defensive variation of the 433 formation.

Best 5 Formations for Counter Attack

  1. 5212: We talked about it earlier in the top 5 defending formations section. This formation is pretty good for counter attacks too.
  2. 424: Offers a strong attack and a strong defense too.
  3. 442: 442 formation gives a defensive touch to the 424 formation.
  4. 433 (2): A variation to the 433 formation. Offers a defensive midfielder.
  5. 5221: We talked about this in the top 5 defending formations section. Fits pretty well as a counter attack formation too.

Our top picks for the best 5 FIFA 19 Formations

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So, we have picked some of the formations that you should give a try for sure! We prefer these formations while playing the FIFA 19 game and will advise you to give them a try. Try each one of them and see if any of these formations fit your play style. Don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments section.

  1. 532
  2. 442
  3. 433
  4. 41212 (2)
  5. 352

So, that’s it for this post. I hope you liked this post and have finally found the best FIFA 19 formation that you are going to choose for your next few matches. Stay tuned for more content related to FUT and FIFA 19. Thanks for reading.

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