What to Trade This Week in FIFA20

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– If you are trading, try to not hold on to players for more than 24 hours. If your players are not selling make sure to drop 100 coins each time you list them. If they are still not selling, wait until the next weekend league and they should sell as the prices always go up a bit during the WL.

– Bid for 82+ gold players as they are more likely to maintain price due to SBCs. Use the Recommended player list here: https://futmillionaire.com/recommended-players/

– Bid for players needed for the current SBCs – these are amazingly profitable every week but you have to be fast to get them before they rise too much. For example a Inter player is required for a SBC right now. Inter players who were selling for 700 coins a few days ago, today are all selling for at least 2000 coins.

– Invest in CL players – Every time you can buy a CL player for a low price, do it and hold on to it. When SBCs requiring CL players come and they will come, these players will sometimes 10x the price. I remember that CL players even went extinct a couple of times last year. Just imagine if you buy 100 CL players around 1000 coins, you can turn 100k into 1 million easy.

– Always buy a bunch (100-200) of consumables cheap a few days before the WL starts. Team Fitness cards in particular, you can buy for 600-700 coins during the night and sell them during the WL for 1400-1500. Hunter, Shadow, Anchor, Hawk chemistry styles are always a good investment as well if you can get them cheap.

– Everytime there is Rewards or a good Value SBC like that “VOLTA” SBC its a good time to buy cards that are essential in SBC’s like hybrid Leagues since the prices of them go down.

  1. Lisandro Martinez
  2. Vangioni
  3. Beto
  4. Emmanuel Mas
  5. Cristian Borja
  6. Milton Casco
  7. Valbuena
  8. Rodrigo
  9. Leo Matos
  10. Mariano
  11. Alessandrini
  12. Ruben Semedo
  13. Maidana

    You should pick one of this and monitor it, see how much they rise and usually cost and if you see them get really low after any SBC or Rewards its a good time to invest

    Futbin takes too long too update them, and they sometimes rise alot

    For example : Lisandro Martinez went down to 700/800/900 coins yesterday on PS4 and futbin still has him on 700 coins yet he is 2300 already because he is used in the First XI SBC if you do it with Argentina players

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fut millionaire 19