Recommended Players to Trade Right Now in FIFA20

fut millionaire 19

Hey traders,

The market is awesome to make coins right now, so we wanted to send you this message with a few recommended players to trade with the FUTMillionaire Autobidder in particular, since it allows you to get these players for much cheaper than you would trading manually, thus allowing you to make more profit on each player.

If you’re a FUTMillionaire member, you can find a list of these players updated every week in this page.

It’s very recommended that you pick a handful of these players to use with the FUTMillionaire Autobidder, as that is the best way to make coins.

With a market this good to make coins, these players will make you coins VERY FAST because since they are mostly cheap, the profit percentages are much higher than with more expensive players.

The boring manual way to trade (while you don’t have the program to do this for you) is to check the player price on FUTBIN and bid at least 800 coins below the Buy Now price. If you have the FUTMillionaire Autobidder, the program calculates buy and sell prices for you.

I recommend that you focus on one league at each time and bid only on players with less than 2 minutes left on the Auction. Then refresh them a few seconds before the auction expires if you get outbid. If you have the FUTMillionaire Autobidder, the program also does the rebids and wins bidding wars for you automatically.

On players usually worth 2500-4000, you can often get them for 1500-2000 which means most of the times you’ll be almost doubling your coins for each new player you buy, or at the very least make 1000 coins on each player.

Then list them for 200 or 300 coins above the Buy Now price (that you get from FUTBIN) and they should sell within 1-2 hours.

Fill your trading list with these players and you’ll double your coins every few hours per day.

There’s almost no way you’re going to lose coins trading these players if you follow these rules.

Calcio A
  1. Sirigu
  2. Dzeko
  3. Lucas Leiva
  4. Callejon
  5. De Vrij
  6. Ilicic
  7. Luis Alberto
  8. Rabiot
  9. Cuadrado
  10. Romagnoli
  11. Florenzi
  1. Ozil
  2. Moutinho
  3. Gundogan
  4. Henderson
  5. Schmeichel
  6. Patricio
  7. Lo Celso
  8. Rudiger
  9. Lingard
  10. Shaw
  11. Rose
  12. Bernard
La Liga
  1. Felipe
  2. Arthur
  3. Canales
  4. Jovic
  5. Asensio
  6. Bartra
  7. Lemar
  8. Paulista
  9. Thomas
  10. Correa
Hope this helps! See you soon,

fut millionaire 19