Ways On How To Afford Ronaldo And Messi Using FUT Millionaire

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If you’re an avid FIFA fan, you surely have a FIFA game on your console. And more often than not, your ultimate dream is to get the top players and trade them for big bucks. It’s every trader’s goal too since the best players are coin banks and will never lose value even if held back for quite some time. You can always use a trading bot like FUT Millionaire to gain coins and money to purchase them. But before that, you should have a solid strategy on how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire.

These two are internationally acclaimed players with Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Real Madrid and Lionel Messi for Barcelona. In FIFA 18, Ronaldo has a maximum price of 3,800,000 coins and Messi has the value of 1,300,000 coins as of the moment. These rates are insanely high and can cost even more in the future. So how in the world can you avail them if you’re barely making coins? Do you hack someone else’s account? Do you cheat EA Sports’ rules? Of course, not.

Like what I said, you need a strategy. You need to utilize every consumable and player that you can sell. Don’t just sell, trade them when the money is in your favor. You have to be a wise trader and utilize every opportunity that will pop. This includes mistakes done by other traders like wrongfully selling in-form cards and more. Here are more hacks on how you can earn millions in FUT Millionaire and bag these two powerhouse players:

1. Utilize the auto buyer and auto bidder

Trading bots like FUT Millionaire are created for one strong reason. This is so you can buy, bid, and sell even if you’re not doing manual trading. It’s easy-peasy and you can learn how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire fast. But make sure that you’re doing it right. FUT Millionaire is a bot, a product of artificial intelligence, but not a complete package that can do all the trading stuff for you.

Set the right price range for your items so you can have a bigger profit margin. With more cash, you can buy more packs and other gaming items. For sure, you can accept coin payments too which is great if you’re saving for the likes of Ronaldo. These simple things make the most difference.

2. Dedicate time for manual trading

With FUT Millionaire, you can sit back and enjoy while your coins continuously grow. But if you want to make more each day, take time to do the usual manual trading. Allot at least two hours a day if you’re planning to be a pro. FUT Millionaire will do its job when your away at school or work. For sure, it can run for 24 hours without fail. So why do you have to spend some time going manual?

Learning the latest trends is unbeatable in case everything comes to worse. You also have to go beyond the automated style if you want to survive the competition. Remember that FUT Millionaire is just a computer system and there are functions that only humans can do. There more ways on how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire and other means.

how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire

3. Play in Ultimate Team mode

Playing FIFA is one way to make more coins. While the FUT Millionaire system works in the background, you can join Ultimate Team mode matches and win them. You can gain as much as 400 coins when you win against a human opponent. Even if you lose, you can still rake a few dozen through your performance. The good news is that winning Ultimate Team modes frequently can earn you rewards in the future. It can be thousands of coins, on average.

Conquer your division and increase promotion so you have a higher chance of gaining more coins. Take your games seriously and win numerous matches through online games. This will result in possible coin boosts especially if you unlocked EA Football Club Credits.

4. Take on weekly challenges

This point is connected to the previous one as you’ll need a lot of playing while you’re using the FUT Millionaire. The EA Sports itself releases weekly tournaments that the users can accomplish. There are also weekly challenges in the FIFA Ultimate Team where you can gain a decent amount of coins. What you need to do is to keep an eye on the Ultimate Team menu each week to catch these challenges. This is a way how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire.

Anyway, don’t shy away from standard tournaments as these, too, are good sources of coins. You can get as much as 500 coins if you win. Not bad if you’re really planning to exhaust all means of coin-making. Such coin amount will pile up and become bigger every week.

5. Snipe on the 59th minute

Oh, the popular 59th-minute snipe! Veteran traders would know how golden this last minute of every auction is. It’s where the low price deals pop up and where the mistakenly listed items also show up. This is your time to shine if you want to earn more coins by getting and reselling these items.

You have to be quick because hundreds of other traders would know of this trick. Keep a hawk-eye and snipe the items as it shows up. The best time for these 59th minute snipes is after school hours where kids are in a rush to play with their consoles. There are also impatient traders that will list their players and items for a low price just to sell it out.

6. Find in-demand, but underpriced players

The best trick when using the FUT Millionaire is to look for in-demand but underpriced players. Scout for La Liga or Premier League players that are in-demand but still within your price range. You don’t have to invest in players with BIN of close to million coins. Look for those that are high in demand but low in supply. If it’s too pricey for you, continue scouting as a way on how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire.

Once you find one, sell it when the maximum price range is favorable. Of course, you can let the FUT Millionaire system to the listing and relisting if you don’t have the time. Looking for this kind of players can be done during your manual trading window hours. You can’t make millions right away, but this process will surely gain more coins than winning matches.

how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire

7. Bid below the average BIN

This is actually a no-brainer and a basic concept of profit margin. If you bid with the lowest BIN, you’re going to acquire the players in the lowest price possible. So when the demand rises in the future, you expect a higher income through the maximum selling price. Take Ronaldo for example. As of this writing, his minimum price range is at 203,000 coins and at a maximum of 3 million plus. So what does it mean? Players’ prices are highly volatile, and you can exploit this fact.

If the players you have on stash are currently low in price, wait for a few hours or days then sell. This is an efficient way on how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire fast.

8. Sell your stuff

I know that I advised you to sell your players but do that at the right time. Sell the players you won’t need during matches or SBCs to make coins out of them. Keep those that can win you challenges as another way of earning coins and cash. This is also a good move, so you can swap for new players that might be more valuable to be retained on your team than sold in auctions.

Make sure that the players you’re selling in FUT Millionaire are highly tradable. This will ensure that you have a steady income and fast selling even through a trading bot. Sometimes, you also have to let go of your darling players if they aren’t making many coins.

9. Increase your players’ chemistry in FUT

Increasing a player’s chemistry is directly connected to their player attributes. As you know, the lower the player attributes are, the lesser interest it will derive in the selling market. So how can you increase this and know how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire?

There are some elements you have to factor in to ensure that your player’s attributes are making them a big favor. Look at the player position first. If it’s on the green color, it’s perfectly fine but you’ll have to make changes if it turns out to be orange or red. You should also watch out for the player links that will show up as colored lines. Trying to make the majority in green is a good point.

Players who have played more than 10 matches in your team will have loyalty bonuses that will increase their player chemistry.

10. Consider buying silver and bronze packs

This depends on the style of your trading, but you might consider slowing down in buying golden packs when using the FUT Millionaire. This is because the market is already flooded with the same golden cards. It is harder than ever to make a substantial amount of coins out of it, not to mention extra cash. All the gold cards will have the same value and not the best way on how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire.

But if you buy silver cards with standard versions, say 2000 silvers and 500 bronze, you can realize better income. How? These cards have a low supply in the market because everyone is going gaga over golden ones. And the best part here is there’s consistent demand for silver and bronze. A good way to make money without jumping into the golden card bandwagon.

11. Relist as often as possible

Listing and relisting could look like a tiring task, but don’t forget that you have FUT Millionaire to do this for you. It will automatically list items, sell it, rinse the set, then relist those that are left unsold. Such process is effortless and can be done without your assistance except for one thing: setting the price range.

If you’re doing manual trading from time to time, don’t get tired to list and relist items. This is the only way to make money if you’re taking a break from the FUT Millionaire system.

how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire

12. Finish SBCs

Aside from playing matches, you can also take advantage of completing SBCs as a way on how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire. In FIFA, this is a challenge where you create a team and meet requirements in order to redeem the reward. SBCs are your path to golden packs where you’ll gain cards necessary to win Marquee Matchups. Once you have enough supply of these cards, you no longer have to squeeze through the transfer market just to find one. It will be effortless for you to finish SBCs and earn handsome amounts coins and money from it.

Once you have enough coins, you can purchase Messi or Ronaldo since it will surely give an edge on your next SBCs.

13. Avoid panic buying

When you saw extremely low-priced players, your tendency is to panic buy them so you can sell them later. But the question is this: do they have attractive player attributes? Can you actually sell them in a higher BIN later on? Make sure that when you scout for underpriced players, you’re going to pick those that have profit potential.

Avoid panic buying because that can sabotage your coin gains. But don’t be a slacker either. Be familiar with players and check if their BIN is normal for their position or it’s too low that you’re in for a good catch.

If you’re thinking how to afford Ronaldo and Messi using FUT Millionaire, you should start doing the points above. Are you earning coins? Let us know below!

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