FUTMillionaire 19 1.3 BETA : The Biggest FUTMillionaire Update in Years

fut millionaire 19

 FUTMillionaire Update 2019

I know most of you are enjoying your holidays (Happy New Year by the way!), but we just had to drop this App for you as fast as we could.

It’s a reworked program that improves all the modules, and introduces the long promised reporting tab with graphs to view your trading progress.

This is still a BETA version of the app which has been tested during over a week, however please note that due to all the deep changes made in the app, there is the possibility that we missed something, so please proceed with caution and avoid using it to trade very expensive players for now, until we release a final version.

Please download it at our download page HERE:



– Added Reporting Screen with Graphs and Purchase History – This allows you to see exactly what items you’ve been trading for the past month, including how much you spent, made and profited from each item. It allows you to focus your trading on what has been making you the most profit.

futmillionaire 1.3 beta

– Added Ability to Buy and List Unspecified Players based on Club/League/Nationality/Rating (super useful for SBC Trading) – instead of having to choose a player in the green button, you can just insert details of a certain club, nationality or league, in case you are wanting to target players used for a SBC. The program will buy them and list them all for your specified prices. The same thing with rating. You can tell the program to buy players only above a certain rating.

– Added Ability to Filter Rare Players only – you now have a button on all modules to filter only rare players.

– Added Ability to Reset Request Counter During Cooldown – You can now restart the program manually during the cooldown by clicking Reset Counter. Do it at your own risk, please remember that the cooldown is there to secure your account.

– Improved Bidding Mechanism and Made Changes to Display. Your active bid is now displayed in Green and when you get outbid, your bid turns to red (until the program re-bids which turns it to green again)

FUTMillionaire 19 update

– Changed Logic and Improved Speed of the Autobuyer – I’ve been testing this and getting a lot better results with this new version of the Autobuyer.

– Fixed Rating Filtering for Special Cards of the Same Player – Fixed this issue that made the program confuse different cards of the same player.

– Added Messages that are triggered when you are logged in to the Console or a Captcha is Triggered.

During the next week I will be sending you a trading guide and teaching you some methods on how to best use this new version of the FUTMillionaire program to make a ton of coins so you can finally afford those Icons you’ve been dreaming of 🙂

For example I made sure we made the program more SBC trading friendly in this new version because I believe it’s one of the best methods to make coins at the moment. I will teach you how.

We are preparing this now for you, just sit tight.

Until then PLEASE REPORT ANY BUGS you can find to info@futmillionaire.com so we can fix them ASAP.

Please remember this is a BETA Version that has been tested for around a week, but since it’s a huge update, we may have missed something. Please avoid using it to trade very expensive players for now.

fut millionaire 19