History and the story of the FIFA Ultimate Team

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Fifa Ultimate team is entertaining us and keeping us loving the FIFA game since 2009. It has gone through a lot of changes, updates, and tweaks that have made FIFA evolve into one of the best Soccer games. Today we will be telling you about all those changes and updates that FUT has gone through since 2009. This post will take you on a journey into the FUT History. So, let’s start the journey.

FUT 09

19th March 2009 was the date FUT appeared in front of all of us. People were excited to try this new game mode. After all, who would hate the combination of simulation and football? There was no chance that FUT could have failed. It didn’t take EA Sports long to realize that they have hit a jackpot. A diamond that needs some polishing. So, they introduced the Ultimate Team as a paid DLC in FIFA 09. It only cost around 10$ and hence attracted more than a million players to give it a try. The moment FUT was released and was made available to play the amount of traffic crashed the servers.

The FUT 09 wasn’t much different than the current version. Features like Chemistry, training cards, fitness, contracts, stadiums etc. existed even then. Tournaments and Seasons weren’t there in the FUT 09.

FUT 10

FUT 10 was not released alongside the game. EA Sports announced FUT 10 in December 2010 and it was released after two months again in the form of a paid DLC. Founders’ loyalty was rewarded with two gold packs. Now this happens every year.

FUT 10 price was half of the FUT 09 price which attracted even more players towards it. Premium packs were introduced in the store. The rare card numbers were tripled and tournaments were introduced. You were also given the ability to hold an unlimited number of players, staff, items, stadiums etc. And how can we forget about the FUT Web App? Because of it, the number of market transactions increased many folds.

FUT 11

At last, EA Sports made an intelligent decision. They made FUT Free! This attracted millions of other players. More players mean a greater number of people will open the packs and hence more revenue will be generated for EA. It was still a DLC but was released earlier than the previous version. After all, the earlier you release the game the greater number of packs will be sold. At the end of the year, FUT had three times more players and EA was enjoying more profits.

TOTW cards were also introduced. Also, the feature to choose which player to play against online was introduced. The doubts concerning the club values were also clarified by the introduction of Leaderboards. This gave more transparency to the game.

FUT 12

2011 was the year when FIFA 12 game and the FUT 12 combined together into one game. You didn’t have to download the FUT as an extra. It was not anymore a DLC. Another major step was taken in the history of FUT in the year 2011. EA made FUT available on PC. This took the userbase of FUT to an impressive number of 7 million.

EA Sports knows how to get people addicted to their games. That’s why when they realized that FUT players are not the usual players. They are Football passionates who are using their knowledge and passion in the FUT game. That’s why EA decided to bring in the In Form Cards. And not just a few cards, they brought in several cards like TOTY, blue cards, highlighting the best player of the year.

Europe was divided into north and south section and gave each two team of in form players. They also brought the TOTS, also blue cards, that were for the best player of the season. The UP cards made their debut if FUT 12.

FUT 13

Unlike FUT 12, FUT 13 threw some challenges towards the EA developers. The FUT 13 was released in the form of the Web App a few days before the actual game release. And it didn’t go well, soon after the release of the game hackers found a way to generate unlimited coins in FUT account. The security flaw was later fixed.

2012 proved to be a decent year for EA. The Ultimate Team Seasons were introduced, the total player base of FUT increased to 11 million. Increase in the number of players lead to more packs being sold and hence EA enjoyed more profits. EA simplified the pack purchasing mechanism and introduced FIFA points.

Now, players could manage their team from their mobile devices. It was only available for iOS previously but in 2012 even Android users got the chance to enjoy this feature. The team of the weak challenges was also introduced.

FUT 14

New generation consoles made their debut in 2013. EA Sports and Microsoft made an agreement that provided Xbox player a chance to play with some of the legendary footballers. Given that they had enough coins in their account. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been fair. And how can we forget The World Cup?

Chemistry styles came into existence in the year 2013. Nothing much of importance happened in the year 2014. It was basically the year of tweaking and making previous features much better. The game was cleaner and this was appreciated by the community.

FUT 15

As FUT 15 become more popular a pseudo-war between developers and auto buyer makers started. EA also suffered some loss and people started to think that it’s the end of the FUT 15 as another security breach arose in the game. But EA came back from the loss and FUT is still being loved by the FIFA players.

In the year 2014, the heading attribute got replaced by the physicality attribute. Friendly seasons made their debut. The match history system was introduced which made playing against your friends much more enjoyable. The Concept Squads was introduced which made it possible for players to make their dream team without even having enough number of coins. Now you could copy and share other player’s squad.

FUT 16

2015 was the year of making the looks of UT better. The card layouts were changed, the animation of pack opening was changed and some legends were added. Classic International Heroes legend was added. Basically, FUT 16 lacked creativity.

EA introduced the new game mode called FUT Draft and it became successful. But the basis of its success, the chemistry mechanics was so complex that people didn’t really like it. The chemistry styles were more of placebo and didn’t really work. But fans forgot everything as soon as the FIFA 17 was released.

FUT 17

The hype for FIFA 17 was created by the new game mode called “The Journey”. But FUT still managed to be the favorite of the community. FUT Champions and Squad building challenges were appreciated by the community. Thematic tournaments replaced the knockout matches. Squad building challenges tested the capabilities of players to make the best squad that meets certain requirements. Transfer market was reanimated. It seemed as if EA has finally cracked the formula of success.

FUT 17 made the market more complex and the game much more competitive. FIFA 17 was the year of new cards. The number of cards launched in FIFA 17 was greater than the sum of all the cards released in the past eight years. And how can we forget Alex Hunter?

FUT 18

Not many innovations were made in the FUT 18. Christiano Ronaldo replaced Lionel Messi on the FIFA 18 cover. Squad battles mode was introduced for players who don’t really like to play online. In this mode, players could challenge the squads from the FUT Community and move the leaderboards.

Legends got replaced by Icons, although the concept remained same. The Icons were now also available for PC Players, PS 4 and Nintendo Switch! The Player List was updated. The Path to Glory Cards was introduced. Starter, Daily, and weekly objectives were introduced in FUT 18.

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