Are FIFA Trading Robots Legal To Use? Here’s The Honest Answer

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For years now, there has been a heated argument about this question: are FIFA 19 trading robots legal to use. Forums on Reddit and other gaming platforms are full of certified manual traders who fume over those that use trading bots. The legality is in question and more often than not, the moral of FIFA gaming is also dragged into the discussion.

So is it legal to use or not? Later on, you’ll learn of the answer as we discuss the FUT Millionaire in juxtaposition to the EA Sports’ FIFA rules.

What EA Sports has to say

EA Sports is the governing body that publishes different sports video games including the famous FIFA series. They regulate accounts and impose sanctions on those who break the rules. When it comes to trading, EA Sports has a clear ruling.

First, it is legal to trade manually as long as you use the Transfer Market as means of gaining new coins. It is legal to trade players as long as it’s priced in a reasonable range. EA Sports also encourage users to play FIFA and win matches to earn more of this sports currency.

In terms of trading robots, EA Sports only stated that “If you use any sort of in-game bots so you can earn coins fast and illegitimately, that’s breaking the rules.” Let’s put emphasis on two separate phrases on this statement: the “any sort of in-game bots” and “fast and illegitimately”.

are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use

Many manual traders argue that the EA Sports bans all sort of trading robots as stated above. So are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? That is if you don’t read the full context of it. EA sports doesn’t say that it bans all bots. What it’s against are bots that trade and earn coins illegally, probably through illegal sniping or tampering the system to make coins out of nowhere.

Also, “fast and illegitimately” is part of the statement. If you make millions of coins a day, that would probably be a red flag for something illegal.

But that’s not what FUT Millionaire is about. It doesn’t tamper the system to fool it and makes coins covertly.

What FUT Millionaire has to say

FUT Millionaire is an auto bidder and auto buyer. It’s not an in-game scam that will scrape coins in a furtive manner. It will just take over your job of manually searching, bidding, and listing players. It still abides by the Transfer Market’s rules and processes. It’s easy to say and with all honesty that trading bots like FUT Millionaire are legal and safe to use.

Trading bots like this do what the humans used to do manually in terms of bidding and buying players. There’s no hidden agenda or processes that go against the EA Sports rules.

Also, what the EA Sports prohibits are applications and software that run in an unauthorized manner. If you’re going to look at it, FUT Millionaire only automates what an ordinary trader would do. It is in no way unfair since everyone has access to it and each one has the choice of using a bot for their FIFA accounts. So are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? It depends.

FUT Millionaire and other trading robots don’t give an unfair advantage and it’s no way hurtful to other player’s gaming experience. Trading robots only act based on the activity of other players and just serve as the automated representative of the user.

What users have to say

On this part, users have different takes about using trading bots. Of course, there are those who will oppose and say that it’s against the moral practice of FIFA 18. But there are also open-minded gamers who understand the purpose of trading robots.

For example, FUT Millionaire allows them to list and relist items even if they are at school. This ensures that they are going to acquire the best players and sell items where they can make more coins.

Are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? When it comes to the users’ pulse, we’ve scoured Reddit and find varying answers. Some got banned from using inconspicuous trading bots which resulted in a “wipe out”. Wipeout is a term that refers to the total deletion of players, coins, and items from a FIFA account. This happens when a person was caught performing unfair trading and/or selling his coins which is a big no-no.

Some trading bots tend to have “soft bans” from time to time which may last up to 12 hours. It’s a disconcerting fact which the FUT Millionaire succeeded to address. FMillionaire doesn’t cause any account ban or wipeouts.

Is it morally and legally okay to use bots?

The question about the morality of using trading robots is already a trite idea. It’s up to the users to weigh if they think it’s rightful for them to use one. But one thing is for sure: FUT Millionaire is legal because it doesn’t break EA Sports rules. If you’re someone who believes in the hard work of manual trading and gaining coins, you’re one tough soul who’s going places to the FIFA games. But in a very long and sometimes tiring process.

are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use

I’m not saying that the FUT Millionaire is the only answer to your trading needs. You still have to understand the process of manually doing it and how coins are gained. Gamers who use bots aren’t just slacking around all the time although they enjoy the benefit of being away but still having their accounts working.

Are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? In terms of legality, it depends on the bot you’re using. I can assure you that FUT Millionaire is legal and in no way against the rules of the EA Sports. I can’t speak about other bots that have illegal running software in the background. So if you’re planning to be a conscientious gamer who uses bots, pick one that doesn’t hurt other gamers.

What is actually illegal?

The EA Sports see to it that they state the prohibitions clear to everyone playing the FIFA game and using trading robots. Sure, there are a lot of limitations but it’s necessary to ensure that the gaming environment remains equal and friendly for everyone.

If you’re planning to use a trading robot like the FUT Millionaire, make sure that you read the what-nots of the process. This is so you’ll have a smooth sailing gaming experience. The following are some of the illegal practices to do when trading:

Buying and distributing coins

FIFA is strict with the fact that you have to earn the coins in the game alone. It’s illegal to purchase coins from a third party, something a naïve player would likely be at fault. Selling and buying coins increases the inflation of the FIFA economy. If you practice this illegal act, you will disrupt the healthy trading environment of the game. You will likely get banned once you’re detected by the system. So are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? You’ll find out.

Sending coins directly to a friend is also against the rules. That person should acquire the coins from you through the selling of an item or a player.  I know, these rules are sometimes a pain to follow, but it’s for everyone’s benefit. Imagine if the FIFA community can enter third-party sourced coins and items. That will wreak havoc on the gaming experience.

When it comes to earning your own coins, EA Sports allow it via trading or winning matches. Coin farming isn’t acceptable too as it gives you unfair leverage compared to other players. Don’t dare to cheat the game either because that’s the number one sin in the FIFA community. No one wants a cheater.

Sanctions that you might face

If you fail to follow the EA Sports rules about automated trading bots, you’re going to face heavy sanctions that will disrupt your gaming. It’s not fun and it’s not easy to get away with as a player. The worse case scenario is you might get a total ban and you can no longer access your FIFA account.

In case you’re thinking of using bots, I recommend that you use FUT Millionaire instead to ensure that you’re in good hands. So are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? It’s a yes for this one. You will also avoid the following sanctions if you do the trading right:

Wipeout – Your account will be wiped out of coins, club, players, and FUT Champion rewards leaving you with nothing but to play the game and earn coins manually.

Ban on the Transfer Market – If you are caught using illegal means of earning coins, you’ll be banned from the Transfer Market either permanently or temporarily. That doesn’t sound good for someone who wants to trade and earn more coins possible.

EA Sports Total Ban – If your offense is too heavy to be given a second chance, you’re likely to be banned on all EA Sports games. You might also have a FIFA ban.

Console freeze – EA Sports can freeze your console for a period of time so you can’t play any sports game. A tragic ending for an avid player.

are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use

There are more sanctions that may take place depending on the offense that you did. But if you want to avoid that, explore the FUT Millionaire. So are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? Yes if you use FUT Millionaire.

How does the FUT Millionaire Works?

It’s basically an auto buyer and auto bidder that is legal to use. It will conduct a market search and give you a list of recommended items that you can trade or purchase. The package also comes with a tutorial series and learning resources so you can improve your coin-making chances.

There are also updated pricing lists on the system so you can manually trade with the knowledge of which are the best item picks. This means that the system is no way a scam or something that tries to manipulate FIFA games for unfair leverage.

You can also utilize the built-in price updater module to ensure that your trades are in line with the latest market prices. One more thing about FUT Millionaire is you won’t be asked to purchase coins.  You won’t also need to shell out money to purchase packs. Everything will be acquired through trading.

The Final Take

So are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? It is if you’re using FUT Millionaire and some bots that share the same principles. The morality of using this depends on you as the user. Some prefer to trade manually which is awesome too. It a matter of preference and respect to the method that a person chooses.

Of course, it’s inevitable to have the question of legality in the picture because it makes trading easier. But as long as you stay guided with the EA Sports rules, you can avoid the sanctions that they could be imposed.  It can be difficult to follow but every disciplined gamer would know the value of adhering to these points. Especially those that have been banned in the past.

It’s okay to use bots but don’t be tempted to go beyond and patronize other software that will disrupt the natural course of the FIFA gaming. You can’t be rich overnight with a bot nor gain millions of coins. It’s also based on manual trading and you have to do your part to increase your gains to avoid high-value players.

There’s nothing wrong with reading user feedback as that is totally helpful. Just make sure that you don’t get swayed easily and that you weigh the facts based on your comprehension. Are FIFA 18 trading robots legal to use? Trading bots make gaming life easier than before, but it also comes with some limitations that only manual trading can do. Do you have something to share about this post? Any clarifications or opinions? Let us know below and we’ll discuss it with you.

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